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Pharmaceutical Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies

magnets for pharmaceutical industry

During the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, small metal shavings or particles can infiltrate processing lines. These particles will ultimately end up in the finished product, which is inadequate for a business sector subjected to strict health and safety controls.

Eliminate impurities and metal contamination from pharmaceutical production lines with high-quality magnetic separation solutions from Magnetic Hold. We’re a leading provider of custom magnets and magnet assemblies for demanding industrial applications. 

Types of Pharmaceutical Magnets

At Magnetic Hold, we design and develop high-performing magnets and magnetic assemblies for pharmaceutical applications. An ISO 9001:2015- and AS9100D-certified manufacturer, our products meet the highest standards of functionality, finish, and cleanliness.


The core of our magnets for pharmaceutical applications is rare earth metals like neodymium and samarium cobalt. They exhibit high coercive forces and high-temperature stability, which are ideal for high-volume manufacturing processes. Samarium cobalt magnets have corrosion-resistant properties and are perfect for fluid-based applications. Although neodymium magnets are naturally susceptible to corrosion, exterior plating can bolster protection. 

Pharmaceutical Industry Applications

Incorporating magnets from Magnetic Hold into your pharmaceutical process stops metal contamination. They do the following as process media transits through a production line. 

  • Catch metal shavings
  • Separate magnetic materials from concentrates 
  • Remove natural magnetic minerals 
  • Snag steel filings
  • Stop iron particles
  • Grab contaminants 

Benefits of Magnets in the Pharmaceutical Industry

There are many ways for metal to contaminate pharmaceutical product processing lines. The particulate may attach to raw materials, ingredients, or components during manufacturing or transport. More commonly, however, the root cause of metallic contamination is the equipment and machinery used to make pharmaceutical products. Abrasion may cause metal shavings to flake off, while vibration can loosen nuts, bolts, and other fasteners.

Metal pieces on a production line are likely to enter the final product. These unwanted nonconformities negatively impact manufacturers, leading to unwanted downtime, product recalls, and lost revenues. 

High Performance Pharmaceutical Magnets

At Magnetic Hold, customer satisfaction is our priority. We are committed to delivering magnetic assemblies for pharmaceutical industry applications that surpass every applicable industry standard and customer specification. 

Our quality control team uses precise testing and inspection equipment to ensure every magnet or magnetic assembly meets purchase order requirements. All orders are audited for accuracy before shipment. 

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