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Oil & Gas Magnetic Separators

Oil and Gas Industry

Magnetic Hold specializes in developing magnets that can withstand extreme environments for the oil and gas industry. When constructing magnets for this industry, Magnetic Hold recommends using rare earth magnets, such as Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt magnets, because of their high coercive force and high-temperature stability. Samarium Cobalt magnets have corrosion resistant properties. However, Neodymium magnets do not have corrosion resistant properties and for that reason, they are plated. Rare earth magnets are used to remove scales that are created by aging oil equipment, pipes, and unwanted ferrous materials. It’s Magnetic Hold’s goal to produce cost-efficient and environmentally friendly magnets that reduce these particles while performing at full capacity. 

Oil Industry Applications

  • Sensors
  • Drives
  • Couplings
  • Separation & Filtration
  • Lifting Magnets

Types of Magnets & Magnet Assemblies for Oil & Gas

Magnetic Hold recommends the following types of magnet assemblies for oil & gas applications:

Our magnets are not only of the highest quality but can be thoroughly cleaned to look almost brand new. We want to help you meet the standards and regulations you have set in place. See before and after photos of our Magnetic Grates being cleaned:

neodymium block magnets
Captured Ferris Particles
Magnetic Grates after cleaning result
Clean Grate
Separator Grates
Separator Grates

When designing these magnets and magnetic assemblies, Magnetic Hold takes several factors into consideration. We first analyze the environmental condition. Based on whether the magnet will be on or offshore or used in a shallow well or geothermal depths, the material we use to construct the magnet will vary. We then review the temperature rating and coating of the magnetic material. If you need custom industrial magnets for this industry, then fill out our request a quote form today!

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