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Alnico magnetic assemblies are most useful where heat is a primary factor. Our alnico magnetic assemblies can withstand high temperatures without power losses. Insulated alnico assemblies can meet your industrial needs due to their ability to withstand high temperatures. Click here to view alnico magnet grades, properties and temperature ratings.

alnico assembly

Alnico Assembly Schematic

Shown below are some of our current alnico magnetic assemblies. Other sizes and configurations are also available, such as round or cylinder magnetic assemblies. We can also manufacture to your specific needs or design.

Alnico Insulated Assembly Specifications

Part NoD (in)H (in)M (in)Max Pull Force (lbs)
AHAC1-4 0.25 0.78 #4-40 0.4
AHAC1-6 0.38 0.78 #8-32 1.8
AHAC1-8 0.50 0.78 #8-32 2.7
AHAC1-10 0.62 0.78 #8-32 4.3
AHAC1-12 0.75 1.00 0.25-20 11.0
AHAC1-16 1.00 1.38 0.25-20 25.2
AHAC1-20 1.25 1.573 0.31-20 44.1
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