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Food Grade Magnetic Separators

Food Processing Industry Magnet Application

Magnetic Hold develops separation products, like magnetic grates and rods, that can withstand the gravity fed through chutes and conveyors, specifically for the food processing industry. The food processing industry utilizes magnetic separation products when metal fragments are left in grinders or sometimes even raw material. Metal fragments pose a safety risk to consumers and damage processing equipment. Magnetic separation products are becoming more common in the food industry because manufacturers want to avoid costly product recalls, and maintain customer confidence.

Types of Food Processing Magnets Separators 

Magnetic Hold recommends several types of magnetic separators for food processing applications based on the application size:

  • Magnetic Liquid Traps are designed to extract unwanted ferrous particles from liquid processing and food conveyors. Our Magnetic Liquid Traps can be manufactured to meet food and sanitary specifications.
  • Magnetic Rods and Grates remove small, fine, or large metal fragments through flowing powder, granules, fibers or liquids. If your product cannot use a magnetic grate, then you can use a magnetic rod.
  • Magnetic Plates remove large pieces of metal such as nuts, bolts, and staples from dry products.

There are 3 materials used for magnetic separators, including Alnico, Ceramic, and Rare Earth magnets. Alnico and Ceramic are the most economical materials for the food industry and has high strength properties to remove large metal pieces. Rare Earth magnets are extremely common for food processing because of its strong magnetic field that can remove fine magnetic contamination.

Food Industry Applications

  • Raw Materials
  • Grinders
  • Crushers
  • Processing Equipment
  • Dry products
  • Liquids 
  • Grain/Animal Feed


Magnetic Hold offers several types of magnetic separators for feed production and milling facilities. One of the most common materials to effect grain and animal feed processing is metal. Our magnets and separator products remove unwanted metal particles from different food industry products such as grain, animal feed, and fish meal. Detecting and separating the metal will prevent hazardous material from appearing in the final food processing product, and it will also help protect your processing equipment from damage.

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