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Neodymium magnetic assemblies are assembled of steel and Neodymium magnet, which is then bonded or pressed and molded in rubber. Due to its properties, the Neodymium magnetic assemblies have a higher holding power than Ceramic holding assemblies. There are various applications that utilize these holding assemblies including magnetic lifting, holding, mounting, and positioning.

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Neodymium Two Pole Assembly

Neodymium Two Pole Assembly

Two Pole Assembly Schematic

Neodymium Two Pole Assembly Specifications

Part NoD (in)H (in)M (in)Max Pull Force (lbs)
NHAC2P-8 0.50 0.60 #8-32 18
NHAC2P-10 0.62 0.78 #8-32 34
NHAC2P-12 0.75 1.00 #8-32 58
NHAC2P-16 1.00 1.38 #10-32 97
NHAC2P-20 1.25 1.57 0.25-20 146
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