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Magnetic Hold - Specialty Magnetic Engineering Services

In a perfect world, off-the-shelf magnetic products would offer optimum performance in the desired size and weight. In reality, almost every application can benefit from a tailor-made solution. Improve your product or process with specialty magnetic engineering services from Magnetic Hold. Whether you have an approved design but lack manufacturing support or encounter an obstacle requiring a product designed from scratch, we can meet your needs on time and within budget. 

Bolstering Magnetic Device Performance Through Value-Driven Engineering 

Magnetic Hold is an ISO 9001:2015- and AS9100D-certified company for magnets, separation products, holding assemblies, and sheet fanners for industrial applications. With capabilities to offer high-performing magnetic assemblies tailored to a customer’s exact specifications. 

Custom Permanent Magnet Product Realization 

The success of a magnetic assembly hinges upon various factors, such as the task it must perform and its operating environment. In this process, we work closely with your team to understand the parameters of your application and develop a viable custom solution. A common misconception you may have is that custom-made means higher cost, but that is not the case with Magnetic Hold. We make custom affordable and accessible, to best accommodate your project and its needs. 

Custom Permanent Magnet Design Validation 

When it comes to magnets, they must fit and function as intended. Subpar performance can degrade application implementation or, worse, lead to complete failure. During this stage, our experts confirm the intended design concept can consistently produce the desired performance results.

Custom Permanent Magnet Manufacturing 

Whether you need a one-off prototype or a full-scale production run, Magnetic Hold has you covered. Leveraging knowledgeable engineers, skilled machinists, and advanced equipment, we can take your project from concept to completion. Typical materials used include: 

Fabrication of complex components with intricate dimensions or multifaceted assemblies comprised of many parts is our wheelhouse. In many cases, lead times are four weeks or less and the total production cost beats the competition. 

Custom Permanent Magnet Design Quality Assurance 

When Magnetic Hold takes on your project, we want you to be satisfied with the result. A robust ISO-certified quality management system guides our quality department. Inspectors are highly trained and utilize industry-leading gauges. 

Some undertakings have heightened criticality, public visibility, or regulatory requirements. We’re happy to develop custom quality plans or inspection protocols to accommodate your needs. 

Benefits Of Custom Magnet Engineering Services

Magnets play a pivotal role in all aspects of society, from removing metal shavings during food processing to recovering valuable minerals on a mining site. For these crucial processes, standard magnets just don’t cut it. 

By partnering with Magnetic Hold for magnet design and engineering services, you’ll get magnetic devices that perform optimally in the field. As a result, application functionality, reliability, and lifespan improve.

Our specialty magnetic engineering services are ideal for clients across an array of business sectors. Examples include: 

Let Magnetic Hold Engineer and Design your Custom Magnets

Nobody wants a product or process that doesn’t work optimally. The performance of magnetic assemblies can heavily influence product quality and the bottom line. 

Enhance your application with magnet design & engineering support from Magnetic Hold. Our experts would love to discuss your needs in greater detail. 


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