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Magnetic Hold sheet separators can be used to separate large or small steel sheets, creating a more efficient stamping process that avoids double blanking issues. Our sheet fanners are constructed from 300 series stainless steel, which houses rare earth & ceramic magnets to provide the best fanning of ferrous steel blanks.

Benefits of Magnetic Sheet Separators

  • Eliminates having to pull apart each sheet individually
  • Decreases issues dealing with oily or sticky plates
  • Reduces operator injuries
  • Less damage to steel plates during stamping processes

They can be used to separate stacked ferrous sheets for manual or automated stamping processes. As the magnetic sheet fanner is attached to a stack of steel sheets, the magnetic power forces the sheets at the top of the pile to separate, allowing for easier access to each sheet.  With the magnetic sheet fanner, the first few blanks will be separated. As a sheet is removed, another blank then separates from the stack.

Magnetic Hold designs and manufactures magnetic sheet fanners to your specifications to handle a range for sheet sizes. We can also offer you sheet fanners with adjustable magnetic strength. Those fanners can be used in places where small and large metal sheets are run thru the same line.  It is recommended that you choose a fanner that is about 2 inches taller than your stack of sheets. Contact Magnetic Hold to discuss the best option for your metal sheet fanner application.

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